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Expose, Challenge, and Resist

Critical Race Theory

     The belief that America is a racist country whose systems must be torn down. Indoctrinating children to see everything through the lens of race, inadvertently teaching them to be racists.

Radical gender ideology

     The coordinated effort by leftists in academia to indoctrinate our children into their radical gender queer ideology which is ultimately harmful to children and violates fundamental parental rights.

Vaccine and mask tyranny

     The unjust persecution of those who decided to stay unvaccinated and unmasked, by those who abused their power while relying on shoddy political science which has been proven wrong multiple times.

In our SoCal schools!

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     Join us on a remarkable journey as we bring together a courageous and determined group of parent leaders. Together, we will unite the entire southern California region in a powerful battle to protect our parental rights and send a resolute message to the state of California: "Leave our kids alone!"

Thank you for your time!

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